A Field to Remember

Last year, just a few weeks after the earthquake, this field was filled with thousands of displaced Nepalis living in tents and awaiting aid from the government. UNICEF, WHO, CARE, World Vision and every other major international aid organization had headquarters here to provide food, water and sanitation to locals without a home. Today, I walked through this field with my amazing Nepali friends and colleagues to finally register Conscious Impact Nepal in the District Headquarters office of Chautara. It has been a crazy year, filled with the greatest successes and enormous challenges, and this just feels good. 🙂

Walking with our team to the District Office in Chautara, Nepal

For the past year, we have been developing our work here in Nepal: brick production, school reconstruction, agriculture, education…Now, we are building the social and legal structures that we need to ensure that our work continues for many years to come. Change takes time, and we want to make sure we are here for the long run. Thank you to everyone that has made this possible, especially Raj and our wonderful Nepali team in Takure. Find out more and get involved at http://www.consciousimpact.org!

Informing the local VDC office of our operations

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