Rammed Earth for Women’s Development

In Nawalpur, the closest trading town to Takure where I live, is a small room where Chitra Kumari sits at her desk. Her job is to manage the accounts for more than 740 women around the region that receive savings and loans services through her cooperative. This organization has developed over the last five years, and now almost every household in the area is involved.

This year, Conscious Impact is excited to support the construction of a new office and skills development center for the Cooperative. To be built out of rammed earth, this new space will represent an organizing hub for women from across the region.

With Chitra Kumari on the land where the Women’s Cooperative office will be built this fall

In addition to providing a safe space for women’s development, this project will also demonstrate the beauty, strength and affordability of rammed earth construction, a more environmentally sustainable construction technology than standard brick or cement building. Our friends Nitzan and Maya of Back to Earth will provide the expertise, and oversee the construction this fall.

Women's Cooperative Design
This design, made by Oliver Atwood in collaboration with Back to Earth, will demonstrate the beauty and strength of rammed earth

Come join us in Nepal for the build this fall, and learn more at http://www.consciousimpact.org/women.

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