Take Action

The moment is here! You have taken time to listen deeply, you have left your personal agenda behind long ago, you have developed a shared mission and vision with the community and you are ready to act! Now comes the time when moving quickly and pushing forward can occasionally be helpful, or even necessary. But generally, it is still best to TAKE IT SLOW. Change takes time, sometimes years or even generations, so stand strong and stay engaged for the long run. If the vision is collective and the strategy smart, then it is worth fighting for. Maintain your relationships, build trust and reliability and stick it out. And whenever possible, plant trees, build with earth, engage women and youth, buy local and create jobs. Lastly, and most importantly, be adaptable. The original idea is not always the one that lasts. Change is inevitable, and sometimes recognizing that early and leading the transformation is the best thing to do. Take action, observe, adapt, take action, observe, adapt. And keep learning how your projects can get better and better. 

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