To Oregon (through the Lost Coast)

Following the Global Brigades SLC, I needed 3 days to rest and recover (and celebrate!) along the northern California coastline. After exploring Oakland and Berkeley with my close friend Allen Gula, we left for the north with Katt (my partner) through Bodega Bay to the foggy, rocky and stunningly beautiful NorCal coast. This is one of my favorite places on earth.Image

Allen and I have been on many road trips before, through Africa, Latin America, the U.S. and Europe. We have looked for rhinos in Swaziland, climbed mountains in Panama, negotiated border crossings in Togo and tried to find the Queen in London. But when traveling in California, it always feels a bit different for me because this is my home. Especially in northern California, I feel like I am showing off my backyard.

Northern California may not have Rhinos or a queen, but it certainly has a history and culture of its own. So we kick back, relax, throw on some 1960s outfits from my dad’s closet, and head off into this great backyard.


And what a backyard it is! We camped the first night in Salt Point at Gerstle Cove Campground where we explored the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean and slept under the stars. From there, we headed up north passed Garberville and into the “Lost Coast,” the most remote part of the California coastline.


The Lost Coast is one of the great wonders of northern California, highlighted by the King Range mountains reaching for the sky and then crashing down to the beautiful, isolated beaches below. We camped at Mattole Beach, the north end of a 25-mile, 3-4 day hiking trail along the coast. No trekking for us this time, but maybe another day.

We finished our trip camping in Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, then finished following the historical Applegate Trail up the I-5 to arrive in Lebanon, OR, Allen’s current home in the Oregon countryside. Rest, relaxation and travel are key to my physical and mental health, and it always feels good to be on the road…

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