Welcome! 5 Blogs to Get Things Started

Welcome to Conscious Impact! Here we will explore how we, as youth, can make a positive, sustainable and conscious impact on our planet and create a better future for us all.  Whether working in urban agriculture, teaching elementary school or building clean drinking water systems abroad, this blog will share best practices, common challenges and dive deep into the philosophy of creating positive change as a foreigner working overseas. Please read more about the Vision of Conscious Impact and let us know what you think.

This blog is primarily written by Orion Haas, Cofounder of Global Brigades Ghana, but will also include other contributors at times. Allen Gula, a longtime friend and coworker, will be collaborating on this project and you can follow both of our work on Facebook on our Conscious Impact page. Please Like us and let us know what you think!

Below are the first 5 blog entries of Conscious Impact. I hope you will enjoy and feel free to comment on anything you find interesting, inspiring or just plain ignorant. All are welcome!

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