As youth, our generation has the whole world before us. With unique access to global communication, information technology, social media and ease of travel, the world has opened up before our eyes. We dream of working in Africa, traveling Europe, living in New York City, relaxing in Latin America or simply communicating across the world from our own homes. And not just Americans, but Africans, Europeans, Asians, Latin Americans and the global youth now look internationally to make an impact. This is a great power, but with this power comes an even greater responsibility (yes, like Spiderman) to make sure that our actions benefit ourselves, our families and the world.

Fortunately, our generation of youth has shown an incredible passion for working towards positive global change. Many of us are inspired and fulfilled through working for others, and looking for opportunities to help. The question now is how: how can we, as youth, create a positive impact on this planet? How can we help?

This blog will focus on the lessons I have gathered from working in an impact-driven industry (international community-based rural development) for the past few years, and tell stories from Latin America, Africa, North America and Europe as I continue to travel, listen and learn from those around the world. I hope and expect that this conversation will move from building environmentally sustainable communities in the United States to developing long-term solutions for water shortage challenges in West Africa to urban farming in Europe, coffee farming in Latin America and cooperative living across the planet. But I also expect this dialogue will look at ourselves and our families more personally as we seek to find happiness on this Earth.

Most importantly, I hope that each of you will not only read this blog, but share your ideas, your experiences, your questions and your stories that each of you have gathered in your own journey to create positive change. And through this conversation, I hope we can support each other to achieve our own dreams to create a better world for all.



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